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    Life and Love

    Life and Love

    What is life all about? Is it the material possessions you acquire? Is it the relationships you create and form? Or is it the experience of love in what it is you do daily....

    These are great questions that we would encourage every person to be asking themselves. Because simply existing in day to day life should not be an option. Although it is something we see everyday. People who simply go through the motions being a number on this planet refusing to challenge what it is they believe in and see. 

    Working at a job you hate every day, staying with someone who is abusive with no love for them, or sitting on their hands when they have ambition they refuse to pursue. We ask the question WHY? When the best gift you could ever be given has been afforded to YOU! Yes YOU! Apparently the estimated number for being born as a human is somewhere in the region of 1 in 100 Trillion as our dear fried Gary Vaynechuck explains. So when you win the lottery of this proportion we don't understand why it would be neglected. 

    Now everyone goes through challenges and periods in their lives where they feel like giving up and that nothing will work. But they are challenges we are faced with to help us grow as human beings. We become stronger from overcoming difficult times that seem impossible to overcome. And we are helped appreciate the good in contrast. 

    So what has this got to do with watches you ask? Nothing! But it has everything to do with what we at EXP are trying to promote through the vehicle of watch sales. And our corporate alignment with the Starlight Children's Foundation is one avenue we are pursuing to actively provide love and experience for those people experiencing sickness and heartache. Because without love and contribution we are simply empty vessels. 

    To give is to love! And to love is life! To receive is also bliss. We love what we do, and hope that our sharing this story can contribute somewhat to providing inspiration for those who doubt what they are capable of.  

    Fashion or Expression? Share Your Story With Us

    Fashion or Expression? Share Your Story With Us

    When you talk about fashion, you talk about expression! Not just of ones appearance, but of ones own way to share who they are as a person.

    The way you present yourself is one of the most important ways to be who you really are. That’s why at EXP we truly love to see those go getter fashionistas who step out and up in ULTIMATE style!

    Life is way too short to simply get by with what you have. And live below your means! We want to see people get out there and challenge the status quo in a way that has yet to be done. Why can’t you start a new trend, or a new way of doing things? It is only impossible until somebody does it!

    Everything you see in this world that is created by man, started out as a thought... Think about that,, it all begins with thought. What transpires from your thoughts is up to you. Do you think people thought the Wright brothers were sane when they said they were going to create flight? No! But they knew they could do it, so they did. 

    What are you going to stand for in this world? Life is not just about getting up, going to work and saving for retirement. It is about inspiration, creativity, LOVE, expression, achievement, fulfilment and much much more!! 

    At EXP we want to truly inspire these things. Not just by providing people with watches that will look great. But by inspiring others to stand up and be who they want to be. 

    If you agree with what we are saying. Then reach out and share your story.. we would love to share it with our passionate followers and help that dream become a reality.. 

    Welcome to the JOURNEY - EXP.

    Welcome to the JOURNEY - EXP.

    Hello watch lovers of the world!

    It is with pleasure that we bring the latest and most dynamic watch label of its time! A high quality, affordable fashion label that questions normality and challenges individuals to inspire creativity. 

    What do you really wish to do with your life? We believe that not enough people ask this and activate that motivation. 

    Started by a hard working, young individual who wanted to create a vehicle that motivated others whilst making something beautiful and questioning his own creativity. Why can’t we be what we truly desire to be? Get out there and create something special in your life and be your best. 

    In order to live a life of comfort, you need to live outside of your comfort zone constantly. Have you ever wanted to make something of your own? That would inspire others to be their best. Then why not do it... Reach out to EXP and we will help you do it. 

    We will always search to collaborate with likeminded individuals and organisations that go against the grain that little bit. Who want to do it that little bit different. The industrial age is behind us, which means it’s time to start thinking in a modern generational way. 

    So go out there and explore things you never thought you could experience. Go out there and create memories that you can hold in your heart your whole life. Because without memories we live empty.. Material possessions are part of every day life. But without heart warming relationships and experiences you are material-less.

    So our first blog is simply designed to spark thought! And to welcome you to a journey that we would love to share with you. Go above and beyond! And remember that if it is remuneration that you seek, then the value you provide to others is where the consequence of remuneration will apply. 

    Love hard, laugh loud, be strong and help others!!!