Welcome to the JOURNEY - EXP.

Hello watch lovers of the world!

It is with pleasure that we bring the latest and most dynamic watch label of its time! A high quality, affordable fashion label that questions normality and challenges individuals to inspire creativity. 

What do you really wish to do with your life? We believe that not enough people ask this and activate that motivation. 

Started by a hard working, young individual who wanted to create a vehicle that motivated others whilst making something beautiful and questioning his own creativity. Why can’t we be what we truly desire to be? Get out there and create something special in your life and be your best. 

In order to live a life of comfort, you need to live outside of your comfort zone constantly. Have you ever wanted to make something of your own? That would inspire others to be their best. Then why not do it... Reach out to EXP and we will help you do it. 

We will always search to collaborate with likeminded individuals and organisations that go against the grain that little bit. Who want to do it that little bit different. The industrial age is behind us, which means it’s time to start thinking in a modern generational way. 

So go out there and explore things you never thought you could experience. Go out there and create memories that you can hold in your heart your whole life. Because without memories we live empty.. Material possessions are part of every day life. But without heart warming relationships and experiences you are material-less.

So our first blog is simply designed to spark thought! And to welcome you to a journey that we would love to share with you. Go above and beyond! And remember that if it is remuneration that you seek, then the value you provide to others is where the consequence of remuneration will apply. 

Love hard, laugh loud, be strong and help others!!!