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    The Summerland Series

    The Summerland Series

    The Summerland Series has been named after the treasured experience of a father and son winning their first sporting tournament together creating a cherished memory that optimises experience and connection.

    The O'Meagher release has been named after a dearly beloved friend of EXP named ‘Bear’ who sadly passed away too young! He was one of the kindest, selfless and patient man this earth has seen so we are proud to name this classy watch in his and his beautiful families honour.


    The Black Diamond is simply class in all areas! This sleek black on black timepiece is a one in a million watch that will turn heads in all situations. Having this bad boy on your wrist will surely impress and add that touch of confidence with the assurance of quality and style. 


    The O'Meagher On Sale
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